Points Fighting




The bout will be attended by 1 Centre Referee and 2 Corner Referee's


1. Competitors must present themselves to the Referee / side Judge in order to have their safety equipment checked. Fighters must remove all jewellery.

2. After inspection, Competitors will take up their fighting positions and wait for the command “Fight”

3. 1 round of 1 ½ minutes or 2 rounds for a straight final

4. In the event of a draw, 30 second extension. Should there be another draw, sudden death applies.

5. The Referee is the only person who may stop the time.

6. In scoring a point, majority rules. The Referee cannot over rule the majority. Should two see one point and two see the other fighter’s point, one point each, or no point will be awarded. Majority always rules.

7. Should the Referee acknowledge a point scored by a competitor, he / she must stop the match, calling “Break! Both fighters will return to their positions, then the Referee will award the point by hand signs as well as declaring what point has been awarded.

8. The Referee will then issue the command “Fight” and the contestants may resume their match.

9. Should on or both of the competitors leave the fighting area, the Referee will announce “Break” and instruct both fighters to resume their fighting positions - then continue the match upon the instruction, “Fight”.

10. Should the Referee see a competitor violating the rules, or intending to execute a prohibited action, he / she must stop the contest immediately and issue a Warning to the Competitor.

11. Competitors may have one Coach in their corner during the fight.

12. No coaching is permitted while the a fighter is injured and the coach must stay seated at all times, each coach has a red card and can use it to make an appeal, if they appeal is heard then they coach gets the card back, if not it is taken from them till the end of the fight, giving them no right to question any decisions.

13. A Competitor may request that the Referee stop the time in order to adjust his / her safety equipment. The Referee is under no obligation to do so should he / she feels that it will in any way disadvantage the other fighter.

14. Should a Competitor use “Time Outs” to catch his / her breath or get instruction from their coach, a warning will be given and they may have a point deducted or disqualified for “Match Delaying” or “Refusing to Fight”.

15. The required equipment is Enclosed finger point fighting gloves, Kick Boots (covering heel & toes), Shin pads, Head Guard (covering top of the head - face grills only permitted for 12 years and under) & Gum Shield

For male – Groin Guards

For female – Chest Guards (13+)

All equipment must be in good repair with no rips or buckles


1. Head: Front, Back & Side

2. Torso: Front and Side


1. Kicks: Front, Side, Back, Hook (Sole of Foot only), Crescent, Axe (Sole of Foot only), Roundhouse, and Jumps & Spins.

2. Hands: Straight Punches, Jumping Punches, Back Fist and Ridge Hand. (No Hooks, Uppercuts, Chops or spinning back fist).


1. Top of the Shoulders.

2. Any part of the Neck.

3. Throat.

4. Legs

5. Below the Belt


1. Avoiding or refusing to fight.

2. Executing techniques from the floor.

3. Turning face or back, running away, falling down, intentional clinching, blind techniques, wrestling and ducking below the opponent’s waist.

4. Attacking an opponent who is falling to the floor, or is already on the floor - that is, as soon as one hand or knee touches the floor.

5. Leaving the fighting area without permission.

6. Continue fighting after the command “Stop” or “Break” has been issued.


1. A score occurs when a Clean, Legal technique strikes a legal target area.

2. The Official must see the technique actually strike the target.

3. Should the Referee see an action that he / she considers a valid scoring technique, they must first issue the command, “Stop, and signal the score as in agreement with the side Judges.

4. Should any one of the Judges see a valid technique, they must immediately signal the point. The Referee will then stop the fight and all officials must then indicate whether they saw the point or not.

5. A minimum of two decisions of the same opinion is required to award a valid score. In the event that there should be differing opinions, the fighter with the majority of decisions will be awarded the score.

6. Should a Fighter execute a jumping technique, he / she must land in the fighting area in order to achieve a score. The Fighter should also be balanced when landing with no part of his body other than his feet touching the floor.

7. All Techniques are to be executed with controlled power. Any Technique simply brushing or touching or pushing an opponent will be disallowed.

8. Contact is to be well controlled and light.


1. All Punch Techniques 1 point

2. Kick to Body          2 points

3. Kick to Head           3 points

Note 1: Fouls:

First Warning

Second Warning: minus 1 point

Third Warning: minus 1 point

Fourth Warning: Disqualified

Note 2: Exit Warning:

First Warning

Second Warning

Third Warning: minus 1 point

Fourth Warning: minus 1 point

Fifth Warning Disqualified


1. The winner of a Semi Contact bout will be the Fighter with the most points at the end of the fight.

2. The first competitor to win a majority of 10 points will be deemed the winner.

3. In the event of there being a draw, and extra round of 30 seconds will be fought. Should that round still end in a draw, the “Sudden Death Rule” will apply - that is the first person to score a point is deemed winner.


All Officials are to wear Black Printed Revolution Polo Shirts, Black Trousers and Black Shoes


Assistant – Can only Corner Judge

Centre – Can Referee in the Centre

Senior – Area Manager