Revolution Tournaments


Along with my students I have been attending Revolution Tournaments since 2006. I have continued to attend almost every one and always had a good number of entries from my students, competing in both Light Continuous and Semi-Contact Points categories. The atmosphere at these events has always been excellent with everyone being competitive and friendly.

Ian Harrison

Dragon Freestyle





Together with other members from my club I have been attending Revolution events arranged by Andy Crittenden for several years.  I have always found the events to be very well organised and very successful.  Andy always takes great care to ensure that the facilities at the venue are of a high standard and that the events are not over subscribed.  This helps to ensure the overall success of the events.

Last year I attended the Rory Miller seminar in April.  This was a fantastic opportunity to meet and train with a highly regarded author and instructor.  I also attended the Viking Glima and Native American Warrior Arts seminars in October with Master Danny Hoskins.  This was a tremendous opportunity to gain an insight in to fighting systems not normally available in the UK.  Both these instructors are from the USA and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from them. 

I have always been impressed by the variety and quality of the instructors that Andy hosts at ACMAC.

Ian East

Neath Valley Martial Arts     


Networking Events

I have been attending the Revolution Networking Events since the very first meeting in 2009 and I can honestly say they are very much worth attending regardless of your Martial Arts background or type of school. Whether you are a fulltime instructor teaching from your own venue or just someone teaching for the love of sharing knowledge in your spare time, there is something for everyone at these events. Over the years I have had the fortune (and miss fortune!) to attend many different 'professional' Martial Arts based events/networking days/training sessions, one thing about the Revolution Networking Events that makes them stand out from all the others, there's no egos! Regardless of whether your aim is to learn new teaching methods, sound out business ideas with others, discuss marketing or just have a good chat, these events are for you!

Chris Jones



On Sunday 13th June 2010 over 70 students from various martial arts academies throughout the UKtook part in the First EVER NSWA Sport Sword Seminar.

The event started with a brief introduction from the 3 founders, Andy Crittenden of ACMAC, Colin Beddow of EMWBBA and Rick Burns of BSBB, explaining the various safety equipment used, holding of the swords and general principles & restrictions of Sword Sparring. Then it was straight into a warm up & stretching, something often over looked when training with weapons but you will be amazed at the various muscles used in Sword Sparring.

The Students were then split into 3 groups, Male Adults, Female Adults & Kids, then straight into the drills, Head strikes, Body Shots, scoring to the legs & back. This was followed by the various blocks & counters to all the strikes, but changing partners very regularly as you learn more with multiple partners rather than just training with the same person every time!

Nearly 2 hours in and no one was ready to stop! But WE felt it necessary that ALL the students had a 15 minute break before the Tournament started. Usually what happens is that all the student’s huddle in a corner with their friends or club but not today. All the students were walking and talking to each other, telling jokes & going through what they had already covered through the day & discussing their own styles of training. Great Atmosphere minutes before a tournament!

The students (still in their groups) were divided into groups of 4 based on height; within the 4 the students would have 2, 1 minute rounds, different opponent each time. Mr Beddow ran the first area which covered the smaller kids, Mr Burns ran the second area with the bigger kids and Mr Crittenden ran the third with the really big kids (the Adults). All the rounds were of a very high standard and great sportsmanship demonstrated by all competitors, win lose or draw.

In summation the day itself was a great success with all the students from all the different schools having great fun & making New friends. The only question asked really was when is the next one? Usually a sigh that the event was a success.

Johnny Huskey Catch Wrestling SeminarsI've been to both of Johnny's seminars, and I'm tempted to put both of them in the top two grappling events I've attended. Yes, he's that good.
To steal a line from someone else; 'it was like he was walking around tossing handfuls of diamonds to people'.I got the impresssion that Johnny wasn't there to make money or to be a big shot... he was there because he loves to wrestle and wanted to share what he knew with us. His enthusiasm was as impressive as his knowledge... and Johnny Huskey certainly knows his stuff. We had people there from all kinds of background; mainly MMA and various flavours of Ju-Jitsu, with a fairly wide range of experience. In that kind of situation an instructor has to switch gears rapidly from walking someone patiently through the basics to fixing a problem or answering a question from an advanced student. Johnny seemed equally happy helping someone overcome a noob mistake or dealing with a what-if from an expert grappler. And he had something for everyone.A lot of what Johnny imparted was little things that made a submission that little bit better, or a slight shift in position that made a technique come on harder, faster, or be more difficult to defend, ie principles and positioning skills that make you a better grappler overall. in other words, Johnny wasn't there to chuck a truckload of assorted techniques at us in the hope that something stuck; he was there to teach us to wrestle. You don't have to be a Catch wrestler to make use of what Johnny teaches... it'll work for any grappling style.What we didn't get was millions of flashy techniques, instead it was all about getting the best from a small number of submissions and other techniques, and also developing the little things that make other techniques work. As an example, I think we spent 45 minutes or so on the Kimura. There probably wasn't anyone in the room who didn't already know the Kimura, but by the time we moved on, I'd expect that everyone knew a whole lot more about it - Johnny covered how to perform it, how to make it infinitely more horrible for the victim (sorry, I meant opponent of course), how to counter various defences and where you might go from a Kimura attempt if it's not working, plus a whole lot of associated knowledge that made it more likely you'd succeed in Kimura-ing (well, you know what I mean) someone. Other techniques got the same treatment, and there a few eye-openers along the way.This is where I rave about Catch Wrestling in general. It's really very, very impressive. Some grappling systems feel like they're all about getting one over on your opponent, showing him how clever you are and forcing him to admit you're the better man (or woman, I guess). Catch doesn't really care what the opponent thinks, it just wants to brutalise the other guy and get the job done. That's not to say that Catch is all about brute force; in truth it's very skillful... but there's something straight-to-the-point about Catch that makes it an amazingly effective grappling art.So, Catch is completely awesome and Johnny is both an excellent Catch wrestler and also a great teacher. I've done both his seminars At ACMAC and I'll be there when he comes back.

Martin J Dougherty



I've known Andy Crittenden for a number of years and I have attended Seminars as well as taking a team to the revolution Tournaments in Doncaster. All the seminars have been well organised and enjoyable . The Revolution tournaments are well run, friendly events . Perfect for first time competitors and also for  those with more experience . The English Championships ( fight night) was a great night and both my children who were competing enjoyed it and are hoping to get the chance to  do it again. I would reccomend the tournaments to anyone as well as any of the seminars and events .

Paul Roberts 7th Dan

Owner/Head Instructor

Paul Roberts Modern Martial Arts



As the owner of a legitimate martial arts franchise I have always ensured my instructors are trained by the best instructors available in the arts we practice- Rick Faye, Master Sken, Mike Gregory, Erik Paulson, Alan Murray, American Top Team etc so when the opportunity for us all to be trained by such a legend as Billy Robinson came up I snapped it up. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made, as the techniques and attention to detail on the camp will result in any grappler of any skill level skyrocketing to a whole be level. Can't wait for the next one.

Ivan Rolls, Family Martial Arts Liverpool

The first European Catch-As-Catch-Can camp with Billy Robinson was a fantastic learning experience. Coach Robinson is an amazing resource and very quickly improved moves I already do as well as open my eyes to the wider system of CACC and the principles of scientific wrestling. The chance to train with him should not be missed.

Nathan Leverton, Leicester Shootfighters & Mixed Martial Arts

The camp was an amazing experience and completely opened my eyes as to how great catch wrestling really is, but also how applicable and useful it is in mma! Billy was an absolute perfectionist who wouldn't except mediocre technique he is a great teacher and within a few short days I feel my technique improved alot. Also being a girl who is 5'4 and weighs 9 stone billy spoke a lot about leverage more than strength which will really help my overall wrestling ability!

Laura Shipley, Family Martial Arts Speke



Having attended tournaments and events hosted by Revolution Martial Arts, I can say that I have not ever been left disappointed.The tournaments for example are always professionally run, and have everything; tension, drama, adrenaline, and most of all lots of fun.The seminars are always diverse and cover many different disciplines. As a martial artist training for nearly 20 years, and also as a Fitness Professional, these seminars remind me that there is always something new to learn and a different ways to push myself.Thank you REVOLUTION Martial Arts.

Richard Blackburn
3rd Degree Black Belt