English Title FIght Night 2012


Report by Andy Crittenden, Revolution Founder

September is always a great time on the Revolution Martial Arts Network calendar. Its our 4thAnnual Fight Night and the pinnacle of the Revolution Tournament Circuit featuring the two top fighters in each weight division. There was 36 Fights of Point Fighting & Light Continuous split between Men, Women, Boys & Girls.

It was a great turnout at Parklands Sports & Social Club in Doncasterand there was some great fights, some very close fights and some amazing fighters. The Kids were of a really high standard and the Adults maintained their usual great level of Fighting. The nicest thing was the sportsmanship, professionalism and great atmosphere between the competitors and coaches.

Some of the fights that really were outstanding were Chris Sword & Charlie Ransford, Spencer Blythe & Aidan Hughes, both Joe Miller’s fights with Suneil Singh & David Colley and Ian Harrison & Chris Clarke.

There were some outstanding performances including Shea Hughes who won 2 fights and stepped in last minute to face a bigger lad who’s opponent didn’t turn up. So many others, too many to mention. There was some very good fights, very close decisions and lots of extra time, just goes to show the match making was very good.

I would like to thank all the fighters for giving 100%, all coaches for their support, all spectators and all the officials and everyone involved in running the show. Without you guys it would not have been the success that it was.

This is only the first half of our English Championships, on Sunday 14thOctober we will be holding our Forms & Sport Sword sections, its an open competition with anyone welcome to take part.

Then we have our first ever North East Championships in Newcastle on Sunday 2ndDecember which I am co-organising with the awesome Mr Burns and then in 2013 we will run our first Tournaments in the South including the South of England Championships around the Reading/Basingstoke area.

Also I have been appointed WTKA GB Chief Referee so I will be organising events for them including The British Championships for Points & Continuous and Referee’s Courses as well as training and supplying Officials for the World & European Championships. Anyone interested in getting on board let me know asap. First course is November.

Exciting times ahead!

Here are the results:


Point Sparring

Kids Under 25kgs

Shea Hughes (ACMAC) beat Cole Rochester (CLBBS)

Kids Under 30kgs

Aidan Hughes (ACMAC) beat Akeem Johnson (Spirit)

Girls Under 35kgs

Molly Cooper (Spirit) beat Elisa Watret (Stealth)

Boys Under 35kgs

Charlie Ransford (Spirit) beat Chris Sword (BSBB)

Boys Under 45kgs

Brogan Johnston (EMW) beat Callum Taylor (ACMAC)

Girls Under 55kgs

Natalia Farrell (UMA) beat Tia Rowe (ACMAC)

Boys Under 55kgs

David Charlton (BSBB) beat Corey Davison (NTSKB)

Girls Over 55kgs

Jade Humphries (Spirit) beat Mollie Rielly (CLBBS)

Boys Over 55kgs

Joe Thompson (UMA) beat Cieran Ashbridge (ACMAC)

Light Continuous

Kids Under 25kgs

Shea Hughes (ACMAC) beat Cole Rochester (CLBBS)

Kids Under 28kgs

Joel Granger (CLBBS) beat Shea Hughes (ACMAC)

Kids Under 30kgs

Spencer Blythe (CLBBS) beat Aidan Hughes (ACMAC)

Kids Under 35kgs

Josh Parker (CLBBS) beat Molly Cooper (Spirit)

Boys Under 45kgs

Harry Johnson (NEST) beat Jacob Roberts (Pro MMA)

Girls Under 55kgs

Tia Rowe (ACMAC) beat Charlotte Smith (Pheonix)

Boys Under 55kgs

Kieran Gill (United Masters) beat Rhys Roberts (Pro MMA)

Girls Over 55kgs

Mollie Reilly (CLBBS) beat Jordan Lomas (DF)

Boys Over 55kgs

Connor Lohan (UMA) beat Bradley Mason (ACMAC)


Points Sparring

Boys Under 18’s

Suneil Singh (ACMAC) beat Joe Miller (UMA)

Women Beginners

Natalya Laranjeira (BSBB) beat Daniela Parker (ACMAC)

Men Beginners

Paul Foster (BSBB) beat Jamie Gregory (EMW)

Women Advanced Under 65kgs

Nat Loy (ACMAC) beat Kielly Mather (BSBB)

Men Coloured Belts Under 80kgs

Craig Ashton (DF) beat Daniel Tinlin (EMW)

Women Advanced Open Weight

Jessica Corish (ACMAC) beat Michelle Turnbull (BSBB)

Men Coloured Belts Over 80kgs

Jonathan Howse (DF) beat Jason Wilson (NTSKB)

Women Advanced Over 65kgs

Lucy Shaw (ACMAC) beat Helen Fawcett (UMA)

Men Veterans

Ian Harrison (DF) beat Chris Clarke (Spirit)

Women Veterans

Karen Grieves (EMW) beat Simone Sansom (BSBB)

Men Black Belts Under 80kgs

Hayden Lindley (ACMAC) beat Lee Wilson (NTSKB)

Men Black Belt Over 80kgs

Daniel O’Malley (EMW) beat Liam Wilkinson (ACMAC)

Light Continuous

Boys Under 18’s

David Colley (ACMAC) beat Joe Miller (UMA)

Women Under 65kgs

Nat Loy (ACMAC) beat Rebecca Wilson (DF)

Men Under 75kgs

Lee Wilson (NTSKB) beat Luke Burks (CLBBS)

Women Over 65kgs

Karen Grieves (EMW) beat Kelly Ashbridge (ACMAC)

Men Under 85kgs

Ian Harrison (DF) beat Ryan Lynch (LMA)

Men Over 85kgs

Stuart Wade (ACMAC) beat Daniel O’Malley (EMW)


Shea Hughes & David Colley